I HAVE A PLAN !!!! Do u trust me?
– Universe

Swapna Amin Pawa – Our Founder & Chief Delight Officer

Swapna Amin Pawa
– Our Founder & Chief Delight Officer.

Truly Spreading the magical Delight with a heart full of gratitude topped with all those Crazy creative ideas which feed in her curiosity to constantly design something innovative.

A Masters in Marketing Management Graduate with an Advanced Degree in Advertising and PR. Brimming with 10 plus years of experience in varied fields of Brand Marketing, New Brand development, Events and Advertising. 

An Experienced marketing professional in media with expertise in ideation and execution of concepts for Brand Building, footfall generation and Film Marketing with a  strong background in Marcom, Events, Annual Planning  and Budgeting for the brand.

A Dreamer, a lady who dared to Believe.. A multitasker mommy who wants to go the extra mile to make her daughter believe in -THE POWER OF MAGIC AND DREAMS. 

A happy wife of Kawaljeetsingh Pawa and a joyful mother of a 6 year old bubbly and overly conversational daughter “Addhwika”.

A person who believes happiness of Family comes first and rest all shall follow.

Feel free to drop in a message to her on swapna@littlesurprisebox.com


A story which started with a simple idea of offering unique and non traditional newborn hampers and cater and create a segment which hardly existed 5 years back.
An idea generated by our Founder Mom who personally faced the difficulty of getting good, unique and customized products for her little one understood this concern and tried to bring in a solution by
creating such distinguished pieces which could solve the gap of many mothers who were in search of such uniquely different and attractive range of products.

And then as they say “ The universe had shaped her journey of little surprises and she just followed it and trusted the cosmic conversation”….


KawaljeetSingh Pawa – Brand Consultant

KawaljeetSingh Pawa
– Brand Consultant and our Umeed ka Kiran.

LSB’S Chief Critic and heartiest well wisher. The dreamer , planner and the one responsible for strategic consulting and introducing LSB to various online and offline Retail platforms. The person who makes us believe that if we want to go Big, we should stop thinking small. 

A permanent expression which u can’t miss is A twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face .

Shake his hands with a Jai Mata Di and you can close all deals with him☺

A masters in Marketing Management Graduate with overly 14 years experience in Category and Merchandising Management in Retail, Home Shopping and Online business.

With his rich expertise in strategic alliances, development of Private Label Brands, Global Sourcing,  Product portfolio planning and much much more ,he is always teased to carry a sack of knowledge , a sacksize which could challenge our very own Santa Claus..

Need some good vibes – catch hold of him he knows the secret formula☺

Feel free to drop in a message to him on kawaljeet@littlesurprisebox.com

Addhwika Pawa – Junior Elf in charge and Originator

Addhwika Pawa
– Junior Elf in charge and Originator

LSB’s main originator. LSB HAS as she IS.

Molecules of Fun, Latest kiddy fashion , dollops of wittiness , warm snoozy cuddles, two jumpy feet floating up somewhere in the air, Generous double scoops of love . When all of this pair up together this is the product you will have.

Getting first hand reviews for all our baby products and giving us her experiential inputs on gifting and the various trends trending around this segment.. She is our idea pool.

Feel free to drop in ur blessings on littlesurprisebox@outlook.com

Shashikala Amin – Senior Elf in charge, LSB

Shashikala Amin
– Senior Elf in charge, LSB

Our creative Allahdin who is a major source of help when it comes to our bulk orders. 

With her passion for craft and her knack of getting things executed faster than the fastest makes her our best elf. Pouring her ideas and taking charge of getting all our dreamy things into reality. Ask her anything and she will help you with DIY links of you tube channel.

Our Blessing Totalllyyyy.

Feel free to drop in your message on littlesurprisebox@outlook.com