All you need is a little faith, trust and pixie dust
– Peter Pan



What we do and how we do it?

Our products that are made available on our website are subject to change of descriptions, price or imagery from time to time. We love change and welcome all that it brings comes along with it! The sizes, colors, prices and descriptions mentioned are most approximate. There can be very slight variation on select products.

All our products available in stock will be available to order on the website and we shall maintain stock hygiene so as to keep you well informed of the availability of the same.

The material used for personalization purpose will vary from product to product so as to provide the best look and feel to the ordered product

Once we have received the order we shall provide you with a confirmation email and sms with an order tracking number for the same. The same process applies on delivery of our products too.

In case of any delay on delivery due to unforeseen circumstances we shall promptly get in touch with you .

When we see your cart size bigger we offer more happiness over to you through offers / discounts

What we would request from you:

Please enjoy this site for it totally works as mediation with all the beautiful products we have on display… however any commercial usage of the same is prohibited. The content we have shared must not be copied, shared or in any way cause discrepancy in servicing our clients.

Ensure payments of any government charges along with delivery fee if applicable on that product along with the price mentioned on our website of that particular product. We are ardent followers of GST submissions!

We send our bestsellers to you with all your heart. Please do not use them to resell on any other market platforms. Etc

Please acknowledge that we are aligned dutifully with the terms and conditions mentioned by Little Surprise Box.